What is Edi-fy?

To enlighten, improve, uplift

to determine, know, recognize, pinpoint

I will help you…

  • Identify your top 5 talent themes using the StrengthsFinder Assessment

  • Get clear on where you are now

  • Pinpoint where you are in the journey towards where you ultimately want to go

  • Get crystal clear on your vision, mission, purpose and goals

  • Identify what’s preventing you from achieving the success you desire in your life, your work and your organization

  • Laser focus on your highest priorities

to strengthen, invigorate mentally or physically, energize, vitalize


You don’t just “arrive” and magically maintain the new levels of success you’ve attained.  It takes intentionality and accountability to stay the course.  You will find that you are ready to grow even more – in new and different areas of your life and in your organization.  Strengthen your team and yourself so you are equipped and energized to take on the next, bigger phase of your journey and confidently.

to alter, change, adapt, revise

​Limiting beliefs, unproductive thought patterns, and stretching yourself too thin can prevent you from achieving your highest potential. This is where the rubber meets the road and sets you apart from others.Are you ready to meet these challenges head on? I will work with you to help you develop and master your natural talent themes.  You'll begin to refine your raw talents into your "superpowers" that can be aimed at your most important things.I will challenge you and encourage you as you make the progress for which you’ve been longing. You will be able to exhibit the courage and the focus to stay with it when things get tough – as they will.It takes guts to make this kind of commitment, but this is how you will take it to the next level.

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