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You First!

What can you do on a regular basis that will have a direct effect on your most important things?

Whether you own a business, manage a household, own a non-profit, are a member of a team, manage others, or devote your hours to volunteering – you want to be the most effective, productive, fulfilled “you” possible.

Many women find themselves in a cycle of working such long hours and under such stress that taking care of themselves is the lowest thing on their list of priorities. Good nutrition. Plenty of quality sleep. Regularly moving your body. Time alone for contemplative thought and planning. Setting boundaries. These are all essential elements of your self-care and have a direct impact on the things that matter most to you.

Here are 5 reasons why your own health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) should be taking that #1 spot on your list of things to do for your career, your business, your family and your life. Remember, you “take the oxygen mask first” – and by doing so you are then able to assist those around you.

1. ENERGY – Each one of your trillions of cells has its own little energy factory inside. Brain cells. Muscle cells. All your cells. Think about it.

By pumping up the energy in each and every one of your cells, you will experience the cumulative effect in how you FEEL! I’m not talking about the temporary (and sometimes damaging) energy you feel from stimulants like caffeine. I’m talking about natural energy – your cells operating at peak capacity to have maximum output of energy. Better health yields better energy which has a mega-impact on your life and how you experience it as well as how others experience you.

2. MENTAL FOCUS – If you have a “clean” diet – meaning that you drink plenty of water and you don’t overdo sugar, alcohol, preservatives, and simple carbohydrates – your brain will function at its best. Add nightly high quality sleep and regularly moving your body and you will have an increased ability to maintain concentration, clear thought, and memory. You will be better able to integrate new ideas and information to develop, solve and improve things.

3. STAMINA – You’ll not only be better equipped for the regular day to day demands, but when a big project comes due or you need to give an extra push to get through a special challenge, you will have what it takes to make it through. And you won’t just “make it through,” but come out on the other end with your immune system strong, energy to spare and a sense of confidence about your accomplishments.

4. CREATIVITY – Imagine the batteries running out of your handheld device. One minute it is working just fine, then – ‘boom’ – nothing. If you are old enough to remember the old portable CD players – when the batteries began to run out, the music would slow down and drag and the voices of the musicians would sound about 2 octaves deeper and slower than normal.

It’s the same way with the creative part of your brain. If you are not providing adequate nutrients and oxygen (by way of a good diet and exercise), your brain is running on less and less fuel and simply cannot think creatively. You NEED creativity – not just for some artistic endeavor but to solve problems, make good decisions and plan well.

5. LONGEVITY – Of course, only God knows when “our time” has come, but by doing your part to take care of this temporary “tent” you live in, you’ll be doing a great deal towards extending your life AND enhancing the quality of those extended years.

So, think of exercise, quiet meditative time, rest and good nutrition as important investments in your life, your vocation, your avocation, and your family and place them as your first priority! You will begin to see your productivity and success skyrocket! Not only that, but you will simply enjoy life more with each passing day. Go out there and do something GREAT just for YOU!

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