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Waiting.Waiting.Waiting. (Heavy sigh)

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Would you agree that waiting is largely considered to be an inconvenience, a hassle, a problem?

Edi Sowers | Author

Well, I am boldly proclaiming that I think waiting has gotten a "bum rap." Today I'm going to share something totally personal with you. It's about waiting, and how valuable the precious moments of waiting can be. As you hear my personal waiting story, I hope you will be able to relate it to your own.

From my youngest years, my larger-than-life dream was to be married to a wonderful man and have a family. I waited until after college. I waited until I went into the Navy. I waited some more. Then, I waited still longer.

Eventually I gave up on my dream. By about age 43 I decided that being single for the rest of my life could actually have many advantages. 'Yeah, I could be single forever. I wouldn't mind living out my years as a free, flexible, hip single lady!"

Yeah, yeah - well, maybe not so yeah. In reality, I had not given up on my dream. Deep in my heart it was still there, and I just absolutely refused to let that dream die.Then, at the ripe old age of 44, I walked down the aisle to marry the man I'd been waiting for all those years. Doug and I were married in May of 2003, just months before I would be retiring from my 21 year career as a Naval Officer. Life was sweet. Those years of waiting were not just idle years. I'd been in training. I was being prepared. I had to wait for just the right time and just the right person. The seemingly impossible had been made possible by my Heavenly Father.

Fast forward to October 28, 2005 and I'm waiting again. I've been waiting for months - 13 months to be exact. This time, I am waiting to be a Mom for the first time in my life. I am waiting to meet my daughter. She was born on the other side of the world - someplace in China. I don't know her yet. I don't know her name. I don't know her age. I'm waiting for that phone call to tell me that we have a little girl who has been matched to us. She is waiting for us to fly over to China and bring her home.

Relax and trust - rather than be anxious over something that's out of my control..”

I have actually come to love waiting. I love it because I have learned that each and every day of the journey has beauty, lessons, and value. Waiting for something that is big and great and worth waiting for has taught me that it's better to:

Relax and trust - rather than be anxious over something that's out of my control.

Do the next right thing - when what I'd rather do is throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum or crawl under the covers and do nothing.

Live life in the here and now - and not let a single hour of precious life be wasted while my mind and heart are somewhere in the future.

OK, have I totally mastered this "art of waiting"? Hey, I'm human, just like you! But, I have learned that there are gems to be discovered in each and every day if I will just open my eyes and look along my path today instead of rushing to get around the bend that lies ahead. So, whether you are waiting on a baby girl, a wedding proposal, or a huge jump in your business productivity, don't take your eyes off today while looking towards the future. Enjoy today, wherever you are in the process. Revel in the wait, because the time between now and then is full of possibilities! Copyright 2005, Edi Sowers

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