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Tired of Pedaling So Hard?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Imagine you are pedaling on a bike as fast and hard as you can along Route 66 from east to west. You’re excited about your trip, you are making progress, and you’re eager to get to California.

However, your rear end is sore, the weather prevents you from riding on some days, and your legs are getting super tired!

I come along in a super-snazzy convertible and suggest that you stop pedaling, get off the bike and into the car, take time to program the GPS and then start driving to your destination. I say “You’ll get to exactly where you want to go, and it’ll be quicker and easier if you just stop pedaling and take a bit of time to get in, set the GPS, and then get back on the road!”

You say… “No, I don’t have time to stop! I have to get there in 3 days and I have to keep going hard. It would be a waste of time to stop my momentum now!”

Sounds silly, doesn’t it!? Ridiculously silly!

Many people tell me they don’t have time to reflect, imagine, visualize the future and identify what matters most. They are working SO hard every day….nose to the grindstone … and they really ARE getting a LOT done! They may think they’re headed to California on Route 66, but in reality they are headed south on some other highway. They are pedaling super hard on a bike without gears and huge beach cruiser tires. In essence, they are doing the exact thing set up in the silly, imaginary bike scenario!

UGH! After all that work and effort, they are going to end up some place they really didn’t intend to go!

(For the record, I know YOU would never do anything that silly! Neither would I…..wink…)

Pretending you’re the silly cyclist, now imagine that you DID choose to get off the bike, into the car, set the GPS and head off with a clear destination and a plan. Because you know exactly how long it will take you to get there, you have more freedom along the way (and ultimately at the end point) to enjoy the journey, do some sight-seeing, have lunch at some cool diner along the way ….. you get the picture.

Maybe you are thinking…. “Hmmmm, you know what? There’ve been times in my life when I have been like the cyclist.” Maybe, that’s you now!

However, I believe you KNOW the value of identifying what’s most important to you. PLUS you are honest and willing to admit the areas of your multi-dimensional, integrated life that need some special attention in the coming months.

Maybe it seems counter-intuitive. But taking time to think about this, setting some specific and clear goals related to what you value most, planning your milestones and daily steps will actually give you FREEDOM!

When we are super-clear about what matters most to us and we set some specific goals, we are then able to get up and go do the next thing without always worrying about how to fit it all in.

Trust me! For too many years I beat my head against the wall in frustration (can you relate?) and thought I was going the right way only to find out when I got there that I had taken a wrong turn.

It’s time to do things differently, and I’ve distilled all my hard lessons learned into a guide and worksheet called “5 Keys to Make Your Goals STICK” that you can download for free. The three page guide summarizes the 5 keys that spell STICK and there’s a three page worksheet that will help you identify the areas of your life that need the most attention and then turn those wishes into goals that will inspire you to stick with them and stay focused on them as you make progress.

It’s time to stop pedaling, set the bike aside and climb into the car! Let’s get going!

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