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No More Annoyances!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

In my blog a couple of weeks ago, “Toss the To Do List” – I introduced a new way of organizing your life – taking action, scheduling time for tasks and projects. I hope you tried it out. If you did, I bet your first go at it was pretty time consuming. The reason for that is we all carry around a brain full of various “things” that we need to do, want to do, have to do. Many of which, you determined (through the process) that you really don’t “have” do!

After a few weeks of that process, you’ll find that your weekly “brain dump” on the paper is much quicker, easier and your list will become shorter. The reason? You will be putting items directly on your calendar instead of on a list or a sticky note!

Because you are now honoring your commitments to yourself – when something comes up on your calendar, you are actually doing it! Right? A real accomplishment, something that most people do not do….and I’m not kidding.

Keep at the “Tossing the To Do List” process and you’ll get better and better.

This week – a couple of things that you really MUST do if you are serious about being a successful, happy person! They go hand in hand with the “toss the to do list” concept. More than likely, most of what ended up on your first big “to do list download” were “projects” or “jobs” – either work related or home related. Today – we’re focusing on those petty little annoyances, some of which you may not even consciously notice!

Think about (and list) all the things you are currently “putting up with” - annoying little things that just keep niggling in your mind. In coaching lingo we call them “tolerations” or “energy drainers.”

For example, the light bulb in the vent hood is burned out. Maybe you’re tired of your hairstyle. Your car has a bunch of trash in the floor of the back seat. Maybe your girlfriend is always late when you meet for lunch. The checkbook needs balancing (but who actually uses a checkbook, anymore, right?) Get the idea?

Some people have a hard time getting started on this exercise. Most of the time, it’s not because they don’t have anything that annoys them – but it’s that they’ve gotten so numb to them they can’t even think of them! You’ll want to give yourself several days to work on your list.

Ask yourself the question –

“What are the little things that are annoying me?”

Your brain will start answering that for you….and you’ll begin to become aware of “those things.” Write them on the list. It’s very helpful to identify different categories or areas of your life for your “treasure hunt of tolerations.” Here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Home/apartment

  • Automobile

  • Body/health

  • Personal habits

  • Office/work

  • and so on….

To help you with this, I’ve created a worksheet that will help you. You might want to go there now to get it, and start working on this before you move on from this article and get busy with something else!

This is pretty basic stuff in the coaching world and something I encourage all my new clients to do. Basic, perhaps, but life changing! In fact, any time you find yourself feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious – go through this worksheet and take some action and I guarantee, you’ll start finding relief!

Once you’ve listed a bunch of the annoyances/tolerations….schedule a block of time, or even an entire day, to knock a bunch of them out. Hem the pants, throw out the trash in the car, replace the light bulb, get rid of the bike your kid has outgrown. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done when you just decide to do it – AND schedule it. If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done (said some famous person who I can’t think of right now.)

So, if those tolerations and annoyances are the energy DRAINERS – you taking action to resolve, remove and fix them is PLUGGING the drain! All those little things have been slowly draining energy away from like a slow leak in a boat. You haven’t been aware of them, perhaps, but you will see that when you take care of them – BAM! You will have energy you didn’t even realize you’d lost!

So, go celebrate your success, your effort and your commitment to take this BIG step in your life. It seems sort of silly, doesn’t it? But I promise you – this works!!! I’ve had numerous clients who have come back weeks later and thanked me. I’ve experienced it myself….


Hand in hand with listing and taking action on your “energy drainers” is to start installing some things into your life that will give you energy – “energy gainers.” (drainers and gainers….clever little rhyme, huh?)

As you’ll see in the free worksheet, there is a page that asks you to identify at least 10 things that you can add into your life that will restore lots of that energy you’ve been losing. This may be hard for you because we sometimes feel guilty for doing things that bring us pleasure. Can you relate? These things don’t have to be expensive, or even cost a dime! So you don’t have to feel guilty about spending money on yourself. (Not that you should feel guilty about that!) They aren’t necessarily fancy or things you do only for you alone. Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • lie on the couch and cuddle with the cat at least 10 minutes

  • read aloud with my kids (even if they’re older than 5 years old!)

  • stick to a skincare ritual every morning and evening

  • go for a walk after dinner

  • and so on

I intentionally listed simple, inexpensive (or free) examples. Go crazy with your ideas! List at least 10 and start doing them regularly!

Then….list 10 NEW pleasures to add to your life!

Congratulations! Good for you for taking the action of downloading the worksheet and getting started on these two “lists” right now – today! The time you invest on these two seemingly simple exercises will reap you big rewards. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health will improve – and as a result, those you love will benefit in a huge way!

You are worth it, my friend!

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