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In Daddy's Arms: Faith and Trust

When I was a little girl, no one was bigger, stronger, smarter or more capable than Daddy. No matter what was broken, hurting, or wrong - he always knew the right answer. I realize - now that I'm an adult and my Daddy is in heaven - that I was one very lucky little girl to have a daddy like MY Daddy.

I grew up on the gulf coast of Texas and went to the beach a LOT. To me as a 4 or 5 year old kid, those gulf coast waves were HUGE. It was considered the most courageous act of all to go out "past the breakers." That meant wading out beyond the little whitewater, ankle deep, past the first sandbar and swells, and into the deep water of "gigantic" waves.

I was never courageous enough to do it alone, and in reality the water was probably over my head so it wouldn't have been a good idea. So when it was time to "go past the breakers," my Daddy would sweep me up in his arms so that my ankles and feet were just dangling into the water. With complete confidence, I could now go through those waves knowing I was safe in Daddy's arms - high above the deep and rough water. I could even laugh and enjoy what would otherwise have been totally frightening without him carrying me!

I've thought about that experience many, many times throughout life. Daddy (my earthly Daddy) was a great example to me of my Heavenly Daddy.

Life is never easy and there are plenty of times I have to go out into the breakers of life on my own. I am never alone - because my Heavenly Daddy is always faithful to sweep me up and carry me through. If I relax and trust His grip, I can laugh and look around at the turbulence. As long as I stay put in His embrace and don't try to squirm out of His strong arms, I know that I'll be safe and secure!

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