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Get Crystal Clear About Your Values

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Whether you are looking to better lead your business organization or just better lead yourself in your daily life, you absolutely MUST get clear about your values and priorities.


Clearly identified and articulated values give you direction. You become better at managing crisis, making decisions, and managing your time.

Here is an activity from the book "10 Radical Actions for Personal Success" which will help you get real clear, real fast about what's most important.

  1. Identify 3 or 4 people in your life whom you admire tremendously. Then list the traits about them you admire most. Those are probably YOUR values.

  2. Imagine you're on your deathbed. What would you most want to be remembered for? Write this down.

  3. Think about times when your values "surfaced" and guided a decision you made. Write down those scenarios that come to mind, and the values represented in your decision. They are the non-negotiables that best define who you are.

  4. List 5 or 6 qualities that best describe you. This will be a good starting point for identifying your values.

  5. Ask yourself: "What would be so important to me that I would hold to it even if no one else knew, even if I never got acknowledged for it?

  6. What do you love most in your life? Write it down.

Once you have spent some time reflecting on these questions, answer this question:

"What has to happen for me to live my top five values on a daily basis?"

You have choices to make every single day from the moment you wake up. Choose to live your values.

Contact me to do some in-depth work on identifying and clarifying your values. Values are directly tied to your purpose - and to you living your most fulfilling life! Time spent doing the exercises above and others I use with clients will help you more closely align what you DO with who you want to BE. -Edi

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