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Friend in Any Language

Friend, amigo, freund, amico...no matter how you might say it or in what country you live, we are all blessed to have a true friend!

I don't mean "friend" in the social media sense of it. I mean a real, true, dyed-in-the-wool, through thick and thin kind of friend who loves you even at those times when you aren't very likable! I mean a real, true friend who sees you at your worst and helps you become your best!

Volumes have been written on friendship! To simplify it, I've taken apart the word "friend" in a simple acrostic.

F - Fellowship There's nothing like the company of friends. God created us for fellowship and friends are such a gift! We are made to depend on one another and hold each other up when things get tough. I am amazed at the fellowship that results from spending time together "in the trenches" on some hard project as well as time spent together laughing and enjoying life's experiences. Agonizing over the ups and down of first love (and second, or third love). Sharing what it's like to be a new (exhausted) Mom. Catching up over a cup of coffee. We need to put away our various devices and engage in good, old-fashioned, face to face friend time!

R - Real You know a real friend when they can tell you the truth about something - and do it in a way that actually makes you feel better about yourself! You know you have a good friend when their feedback about a less-than-flattering outfit or bad haircut steers you away from the bad and towards the better. And when it comes to the most important things - how we relate to our spouse, our kids, and others - we can trust our friend to give us truth and wisdom sprinkled with compassion.

I - Inquisitive Do you feel like you are always the one listening to others? Asking questions about them and their problems, showing concern and interest? Well, a friend is inquisitive about YOU and gives you time and space to talk, to be heard, and to have a safe place to share what's in your heart, on your mind and in your life.

E - Encouraging We MUST have at least one friend who always leaves us feeling better because we were with them. An encourager who pours courage into you and helps you lift your head up and move on even when things are tough. Who is that person in your life? Have you told them how much they mean to you? Are you that person for someone else?

N - New There is such energy and life in the development of a new friend....someone to learn about, to share yourself with, to laugh and cry with. Even old friends can become new again because of shared experiences, growth, and changing circumstances. May we never become so busy or self-involved that we do not have time to invest something new in our old friendships and make room for a new friend.

D - Dependable A friend is a person you can call anytime, day or night, and know without a doubt that they'll understand you, listen to you, love you and take your hand to walk through your trials and your joys.

I am so thankful for my close friends - women who have shown me more about who I am than I ever would have learned on my own. These amazing people give selflessly of themselves to others. Friends who have given me courage, hope and joy through all the ups and downs of my life.

May we all be that friend to another!

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