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Declutter Your Life!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Success! Momentum! Energy! Relief!

Who doesn’t want to experience and feel the thrill of those things?

This week it’s all about “cleaning up your act.” Just 10 minutes a day can literally change your life.

I sometimes call it a “10 minute smash down”, because when I haven’t been regularly decluttering my home, office, or life – I feel like everything is all “smashed up” together and there isn’t room for anything good! I feel weighed down….like somebody pulled the plug on my energy source or worse yet, just sucked the life right out of me.

Think of the 10 minute “smash down” as the “smack down” on clutter!

Spend 10 minutes a day clearing out the junk, throwing out things, straightening things, you'll be amazed what it does for your energy level.

If you aren’t a naturally “neat” person or don’t have the habit of regularly getting rid of clutter, this project may sound daunting! You might feel like what I’m asking you to do is draining YOUR energy!

I get it! Here’s what I ask my clients to do.

  1. Identify one small area of your home, your car or your office that you can tackle. Maybe it's just one desk drawer that's a mess. Maybe it's a drawer in the kitchen. Maybe it's just the shoes and the bottom of your closet. Perhaps it's straightening up the papers on your desk and organizing them. Maybe it's clearing out old tee shirts from a drawer. It could be getting rid of old bills that need to be removed from the file cabinet.

  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Start!

  3. When the timer goes off….walk away. You’re done for the day!

Why does this matter? Why does this make a difference in your energy?

All this “stuff” is matter and all matter is energy, right? When you throw something out you are creating space in your life for something new and wonderful. It’s just simple physics – not some kind of “woo woo, airy fairy, mumbo jumbo.” If you feel stuck in life – clear the decks. Throw out old things, unburden yourself. You will be amazed at how much useless paper and other things you’ve accumulated!

Do this at work and at home.

At work – your decluttering will free up your creativity and productivity.

At home – you’ll come home to a sacred space where you are able to relax and recharge instead of having all the “stuff” drain energy from you.

Some people seem unwilling to part with their stuff because they are afraid to get rid of it, thinking they might need it someday. If you're in that mindset, I encourage you to just give this a try. Start small. 10 minutes. Something that you can easily do. You will begin to feel momentum and realize that it’s really not a big deal!

You'll find that over time, 10 minutes today, 10 minutes tomorrow, you'll have tremendous progress!

Before you know it your entire closet will be cleaned out or your entire desk. The whole kitchen will be reorganized.

Take small chunks one bit at a time.

I encourage you to install this habit as one of your energy gaining habits from last week (see the P.S. below)!

I’ve created a super-easy cheat sheet to help you with this process. The front page is a 3 point guide, and the back page is “pure gold” – a checklist for your decluttering efforts. SUPER helpful! Go here to get the freebie!

Will you commit to doing that? Let me know what you’ll be doing with all that newfound energy, time and space!

P.S. If you have been working on the exercise from last week (get the free “Eliminate Energy Drainers” worksheet here), and have actually taken some action to get rid of some of those annoying, pesky “tolerations”…you have started to feel it! AND...if you’ve been adding in some of your “energy gainers” – you are really on a roll!

Congratulations! I know you are feeling a sense of victory from taking this action! It’s like getting to take a big breath of fresh air after you’ve been held under water for way too long.

(If you didn’t read last week’s blog, go here and check it out.)

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