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26 Point Inspection

It’s time. I’ve been putting it off, but it’s time to get the 14 year old Volvo in for some work…the brakes, the air conditioning, headlight adjustments, the regular oil change and “24 point inspection.”

They change the oil. Check the fluid levels. Adjust stuff. Fill stuff. Tweak stuff.

I’d love to be driving around a brand spankin’ new Toyota Sequoia, but the good, old, reliable Volvo is still plugging along. We want to keep it happy and humming so it can continue to live out a productive, full life for many years to come!

This got me to thinking about myself. About us. We human beings.

What kind of inspections should we be doing on our lives on a regular basis?

God created us --- not to just “plug” along until the end – but to live an abundant, full life – one that is a reflection of Him and all that He is.

I’ve been studying the book of Romans, and it seems to me that chapter 12 is the recipe for our own regular “maintenance check” – our 26 point “life inspection.” Here are just a few of the “self-inspection” checkpoints:

· Don’t conform to the world.

· Renew your mind – be transformed.

· Cling to what’s good.

· Honor others above yourself.

· Be joyful in hope.

· Be patient in affliction.

· Be faithful in prayer.

· Bless those who curse you.

· Don’t repay evil for evil.

· Do what’s right.

I came up with a total of 26 separate “points” for self-assessing to see how I’m doing as offering myself as a living sacrifice to God to please Him. I urge you to go on a treasure hunt to see what you find in Romans 12!

Right off the bat, I realize that there is no way I can live this way without HIM living in me! I must be willing to offer up myself to Him and allow Him to transform me. I must be committed to spending time in the Word so that He can renew my mind. Then it comes down to the day to day, sometimes minute to minute, choices about how to respond to circumstances and people.

Will I choose to live in harmony?

How about rejoicing with someone who has great success with something in which I continue to fail?

When no one is looking, am I willing to choose to do what’s right instead of what’s easy?

It’s one thing for me to write in my journal, soaking up God’s Word and feel all spiritual for 20-30 minutes in the morning. It’s another thing to actually live in a way where others could hold my life up to the 26 point inspection to see whether or not I am a good reflection of the Lord and what we see in this one single chapter of Romans.

It’s not about working hard to earn His love or acting in certain ways to “get into heaven” by being a good person. That work was done by Jesus on the cross, and I’ve humbly accepted that gift of salvation!

It IS about worshiping Him and thanking Him by living my life in a way that pleases Him.

I regular take 3 steps forward and a step or two back. Sometimes I stumble on the loose rocks and nearly fall off the cliff. Other times I find that I’m distracted by other paths that may look more inviting but which would only take me backwards.

However, I am committed to standing up, getting back on HIS path, and doing my best to abide in Him so I can live in the way He designed me to live!

Won’t you join me on this journey?

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